Inverter Split System Air Conditioner
Published On:
August 26, 2023

How to Find the Best Quality Inverter Split System Air Conditioner

Do you need to air-condition at least one medium-sized or large room in your space? Are you seeking an alternative to a portable air conditioner?

Then buy an inverter split system air conditioner. This split system is in demand for its impressive power and ability to reduce energy wastage. But buying this AC system is easier said than done, given that there are multiple factors to consider.  

In this blog post, we compiled effective ways to purchase a quality inverter split system. But first, let’s understand why this air conditioning system is popular.

Why Choose an Inverter Split System Air Conditioner?

Traditional AC systems require the compressor to turn on and off repeatedly. This contributes to a serious energy wastage problem and results in a high operating cost for the system. To address this issue and prevent temperature fluctuations, manufacturers created inverter technology.  

Unlike conventional models, the compressor doesn’t need to constantly run on and off with inverter technology. This is because inverters handle the power supply frequency of the compressor motor, meaning that they can regulate the warm or cool air generated by the unit.

The inverter system starts at low speed upon system activation. It slowly increases until it hits maximum capacity or the desired temperature. As a result, the inverter split system will customise air conditioning performance to complement the occupant’s cooling or heating requirements. This will result in less energy usage, which means it won’t be expensive to run.  

How to Buy Quality Inverter Split System Air Conditioner

During the research and planning stages of an air conditioner installation in Sydney, understand your requirements first. Do you currently need an AC upgrade to replace faulty units? You might also want to consider a new model because the traditional unit you have produces annoying sounds, like clicks and hums, when you turn it on. Or perhaps your current unit is showing serious problems, such as duct leaks.

There are various reasons you might need to purchase a new AC system, so you need to outline your plans well.

To beat the Sydney heat and enjoy other benefits of a quality air conditioner, be a smart buyer and learn how to choose a durable and reliable inverter system. Refer to the tips below:

Establishing your budget

You should first determine the amount you are willing to spend to purchase an inverter split system air conditioner. This way, you can avoid working with business scammers who trick you into spending beyond your allocated budget.  

Some factors affecting the overall cost of installation are the following:  

  • Unit’s cooling and heating capacities;  
  • Type and size of unit;  
  • Windows insulation;  
  • Floor plan;  
  • Number of installation locations;  
  • Local climate;  
  • The temperature required; and  
  • Areas needed to be cooled (will determine whether you should buy small- or large- capacity units).  

Since there are many variables to consider when buying an inverter system, you can get a quotation from your chosen supplier. Besides advising you on the most suitable system to select, they will also walk you through the standard legal procedures to begin the installation process.

Determining the measurements of the installation location and size of the AC system

Determine the physical space and the structural restrictions of the room where you plan to install the air conditioner to make sure it will be compatible.  

This is significant because installing a powerful unit in an incompatible room area can cause problems due to the constant switch between the cycles. These issues might also lead to high humidity levels. Due to the way the unit operates, it will consume a high amount of electricity.  

On the other hand, if you pick an underpowered air conditioner, your room will not be adequately cooled. Again, this will lead to high electricity consumption.

To avoid these problems, you can measure the room where you intend to place the AC system. When you decide to install an inverter system to cool multiple rooms, however, you should consult professional contractors and installers to get accurate measurements.

Identifying the features of the inverter systems

Ensure you know the power capacity and features of the inverter systems offered. Once you’re done assessing the capacity, ask about the features and functions.  

First, confirm if the Australian government has approved the AC model and how well it can perform in your locality. Then compare the star-rating labels of models with the same capacities. More stars mean that the models will result in low running costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

You can also enquire about the fan speed of the system you’ve picked. Look for a model with a wide airflow range and multiple fan speeds. It would also be ideal to select a model with an energy-saving feature to avoid excessive air conditioning use.  

Other air conditioners have self-cleaning mode, de-icing, multiple modes of operation (cool, heat, economy, dry, and fan only), Wi-Fi control, and other features.

Comparing your prospective air conditioning shops’ services

With several air conditioning companies offering you attractive air conditioning packages, finding the right inverter split system will be a confusing decision for you.  

While finding one service provider to handle your inverter air conditioning system can be challenging because of the various options available, partnering with a company that guarantees high-quality services for the value of money steers you in the right direction.

To guarantee that you’ll get the most efficient inverter system from these shops, be wise and compare their offers—from models, sizes, system types, energy efficiency, and power. Most importantly, choose what satisfies your needs in terms of budget and quality.

You should get the inverter air conditioning services you deserve that yield desired results. All this is possible when working with a reliable and experienced service provider. No one knows inverter air conditioning than an expert. They are knowledgeable of the ins and outs of AC maintenance and

Is an Inverter System Right for Me?

When you’re seeking the most reliable model of air conditioning Wollongong, consider some essential factors, such as your convenience, budget, and comfort.  

If you want an AC unit with high-speed operation, instantly generating the required temperature of a room, choose a quality inverter split system.  

This split system air conditioner will also suit your requirement to prevent thermal fluctuations, guaranteeing exceptional energy efficiency.

Buy Superior Inverter Systems at Ozcon Air

If you are worried about compromising the quality and performance of the inverter split system air conditioner you prefer buying, Ozcon Air Solutions can help. At Ozcon Air, our qualified tradespeople will give you professional advice on buying the system suitable for your property location and type, whether it be a one- or two-storey house or apartment complex. Rely on our specialised knowledge of manufacturing, installing, and repairing various types of air conditioners.  

We have quality inverter systems from the leading brands on the market that will guarantee versatile and functional operation. We also offer them at reasonable costs along with great warranty deals.  

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How Much Does Split System Air Conditioning Cost  

Other than the air conditioning price, the installation cost is essential when purchasing a split-system air conditioner. Many factors can affect the split system air conditioner installation cost. Below is a price guide you can refer to when purchasing a split-system air conditioner from Ozcon Air Solutions. Check your options, and remember to let us know what you think.  

  • 2.5kw cooling/ 3.2kw heating reverse cycle split system, starting at $1400  
  • 3.5kw cooling/ 4.0kw heating reverse cycle split system, starting at $1599  
  • 5.0kw cooling/ 6.0kw heating reverse cycle split system, starting at $ 2199  
  • 7.0kw cooling/ 8.0kw heating reverse cycle split system, starting at $2699

For more information about our rates, please don't hesitate to reach us on 1300 341 694 or email Our communication channels always welcome feedback, review, thoughts, and more, and these help us serve our customer base better. Thus, we like to hear from you!