Ozcon Electrical services encompass a wide array of tasks

Our electrical services include the installation of dedicated circuits specifically designed for air conditioning units to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Our expert electricians also handle the intricate wiring for thermostats and control systems, ensuring precise and reliable operation of the entire AC system for both residential and commercial settings.

In addition, our services extend to electrical panel upgrades to accommodate increased electrical load, ensuring that the AC system operates efficiently without overloading the electrical infrastructure. We also specialize in the meticulous maintenance of electrical connections within the air conditioning system, ensuring that all components are in top working condition for optimal performance.

Furthermore, our team is adept at implementing surge protection measures to safeguard air conditioning equipment from power fluctuations, ensuring longevity and reliable operation of the entire system.

It's imperative to use qualified electricians for these critical tasks to ensure the safe and effective installation and maintenance of the electrical aspects of air conditioning systems.

qualified electrician performing electrical installation

Complete Electrical Services

Whilst we specialise in air conditioning installation, our qualified tradesman can also assist with many electrical services for your home or business.

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    Installing and changing lighting

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    Electrical installations

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    Installing and moving powerpoints

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    Repairs and maintenance

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    Wiring and rewiring

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    Upgrades and modifications

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    Replacing circuit breakers

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    Installation of electrical appliances and equipment

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    Installing dedicated circuits for air conditioning units

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    Wire thermostats and control systems

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    Upgrade electrical panels & switchboards to accommodate increased electrical load

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    Install surge protection to safeguard equipment from power fluctuations

Electrical switchboard including AC installation

Why choose Ozcon Electrical Services?

Customer satisfaction

Ozcon can be trusted for all your electrical services needs due to our commitment to delivering consistent customer satisfaction.

Cost-effective, professional quality work

Our team of skilled electricians are trained professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the reliability, quality and safety of all our electrical work at a competitive price.

We pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest industry standards and utilizing premium materials, making us the reliable and cost-effective choice for all your electrical needs.

When you choose Ozcon Electrical Services, you are choosing professionalism, reliability, and quality, while prioritizing the safety of your property and those within it.

Electrical Services FAQ

Why is it important to hire a licensed electrician?

Hiring a licensed electrician ensures means that you are hiring a tradesman with the necessary training and knowledge to do the job safely and properly. It's important to have a licensed electrician assess your electrical system to ensure it can accommodate the new air conditioning unit. It also gives you recourse if something goes wrong.

Can I use my existing electrical wiring for a new air conditioning unit?

It's important to have a licensed electrician assess your electrical system to ensure it can accommodate the new air conditioning unit. In some cases, an upgrade or modification to the electrical wiring may be necessary for safe and efficient operation.

What safety considerations are important for air conditioning electrical installation?

Safety considerations for air conditioning electrical installation include proper grounding, protection against electrical overloads, and compliance with all relevant electrical codes. It's crucial to have the installation performed by a qualified electrician to ensure safety and prevent electrical hazards and keep you and your home or business safe.

How can I ensure energy efficiency with my air conditioning electrical installation?

To ensure energy efficiency, it's important to use the right size of air conditioning unit for your space and to have the installation done by a professional to optimize performance and minimize energy consumption.