Benefits of having an Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to air conditioning because it ensures high air quality, efficiency, and lasting service. Whether split-system air conditioners or ducted air conditioning systems, regular air conditioning maintenance is required to prevent a decline in unit performance. With the help of the Ozcon Air Solutions team, you can make every AC unit as good as new! At Ozcon Air Solutions, we provide specialised air conditioning maintenance, making our services what every property owner needs for air conditioning that lasts. Read below to learn more about our maintenance solutions. Remember to get in touch with us as soon as you have discovered your air conditioning maintenance needs and requirements.



Types of Air Conditioner Services

how much does air conditioner maintenance cost

Ducted Air Conditioning System Maintenance ($349)

Clean filters, wash, and vacuum  
Check suction, discharge pressures and gas levels  
Inspect the drain for drainage  
Inspect ducting for any damage  
Inspection of zone motors' operation  
Remove dust and dirt accumulation on outdoor fan coils  Check and tighten any electrical components  
check voltage on compressor
check discharge temperature at outlets
tighten compressor bolts
wife down outlets

How much does split system air conditioning cost

Split-System Air Conditioning Maintenance ($249)

Clean filters, wash, and vacuum  
Check suction, discharge pressures, and gas levels  
Drain flush  
Remove dust and dirt accumulation on outdoor fan coils Check and tighten any electrical components  
Clean indoor coil  
check voltage on outdoor unit
check temperature on the supply outlet of split system
tighten compressor bolts
clean covers of air con unit

The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Servicing of Air Conditioning

It is vital to remember that an air conditioner may lose up to 5% of its efficiency every year without proper service and regular maintenance. A well-maintained unit means it can perform better and consumes less energy. Moreover, it can easily cool down or warm up a room. Don't wait for any part of your AC unit to malfunction. Maintenance is crucial to the performance of your air conditioning, whether at home or in the workplace.

How does air conditioner maintenance work?

Whether ducted or split-system air conditioning, our qualified technician will assess the entire unit to ensure that all parts function accordingly. The time and clock settings will also be checked for accuracy. After inspection, our team will perform the necessary work on the AC unit being serviced. Different air conditioning types require specialised solutions, since they have zones that are unique to each type. The difference between ducted and split-system air conditioning makes it essential to hire an expert. Repair and maintenance of AC units are crucial tasks only professionals must carry on. Ozcon Air Solutions is every homeowner's best partner when it comes to air conditioning services that yield dependable and lasting results.