FAQs About Ozcon Air Solutions

Here at Ozcon Air Solutions, we have air conditioning contractors committed to providing you with the best air conditioning solutions across Sydney.  Backed by extensive experience in the air conditioning industry, our team will always be willing to answer any of your questions about our services. Find your answers below:

Why is air conditioning necessary at home and in the workplace? Air conditioning systems will provide significant benefits to you and your residential or commercial property. Some of them are the following:  
• Ultimate thermal comfort  
• Increased efficiency  
• Improved air quality  
• Healthier environment  
• Reduced energy consumption

Is an electrician qualified to install air conditioners?Electricians can’t install air conditioning systems on your premises unless they are licensed in air conditioning.  And to make sure that your AC is properly installed, make sure you work with a contractor that is fully qualified with an air conditioning trade contractor licence and Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) licence.

What should I look for in an air conditioning contractor?
Before you hire an air conditioning contractor, you must be certain that you’ll get a high return value, so look for the following qualifications:  
• They present you with legal documents, such as valid certificates and licences.  
• They demonstrate professional and skilled behaviour.  
• They have positive feedback from satisfied clients.  
• They have broad experience in the air conditioning industry.  
• They offer services that will suit your requirements.  
• They go by integrity and excellent customer service.  
• They provide transparent price estimates.  
• They provide unit warranties.

How much does an air conditioning unit cost?
The cheapest cost for air conditioners is around $400, while larger, high-tech units cost $1,000 or more. It will also depend on the brand and the unit type, such as split and ducted air conditioning systems.

How much does air conditioner installation in Sydney cost?
Air conditioner installation in Sydney will cost around $600 to $5,500. Also, the overall installation cost will depend on several factors, including the number of air conditioners needed, unit type, installation area, electrical issues, and complexity of the installation. This applies to commercial and residential air conditioning services.

What is the difference between split and ducted air conditioning systems?
A split air conditioning system has a condenser placed outside, usually on the external wall, while the head unit is inside. Its advantages include ease of installation and energy efficiency.  Meanwhile, a ducted air conditioning system cools your space, especially when you have a large one, through several ducts installed in the roof. With ducted systems, you can’t regulate the temperature of every room individually, but you have flexibility in zoning each room or area.  While both are beneficial, split systems are more affordable than ducted systems.

What type of air conditioning is most suitable for a commercial property?
Experts recommend using split ducted air conditioners for various types of commercial buildings. They are easy to install, have less noise, and are versatile.

What type of air conditioning is most suitable for a residential property?
Ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for a residential building, especially for large areas. Ducted units are also quiet and versatile. They also distribute well-regulated heat or cool air throughout your space or separate rooms.

When should I seek air conditioning services?
Ideally, you seek commercial or residential air conditioning services (especially repair and maintenance) annually or semi-annually. This will guarantee that your units are in excellent condition, and technicians can spot potential air conditioning problems early and diagnose and fix them immediately.

How often should an air conditioner filter be cleaned?
Cleaning your air conditioner filters will depend on how dusty or polluted your location is. While it is ideal to clean them every two weeks, experts suggest a regular cleanup for dustier sites.

What is the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd. (ARC)?
The ARC is the governing body for refrigeration and air conditioning workers in Australia, providing value, leadership, and knowledge among over 100,000 individuals and establishments. Trained technicians who perform air conditioning installation and repair services must obtain an ARC licence to legally offer air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance, and disposal services.

What will I get when I hire Ozcon Air Solutions’ air conditioning contractors?
When you hire our contractors, you’ll get exceptional services, including the following:
• Aircon supply with back-to-back installation  
• Transparency in pricing and invoicing  
• The highest-rated unit warranty deals, ensuring cost-effective purchase  
• Free disposal of old air conditioning units  
• Units from renowned brands  
• Sound advice for an informed purchase

What makes Ozcon Air’s air conditioning technicians the most efficient choice in Sydney?
Ozcon Air Solutions employ and train reliable technicians to better serve our clients across Syndey. Our technicians are honest, professional, and knowledgeable about all aspects of air conditioning, such as installing, repairing, and diagnosing your units. We also give you tips on keeping your air conditioners running in peak condition.

If you have further questions regarding our air conditioning contractors and services, feel free to contact our friendly staff here at Ozcon Air Solutions. Get in touch with us on 1300 341 694.