Multi-Head Air Conditioning Systems

Look no further then Ozcon air solutions. No need to stress or panic, if you have no roof space for a ducted system or live in a unit and strata will only allow you to have one outdoor unit then as the name suggest multi split system is your solutions. Call Ozcon air today and talk to one of our highly experienced technicians about a multi head system and put your mind at ease, we will design and execute a system well engineered to suit your property and comfort. Leave it in the hands of our experts, and we will handle the situation from start to finish, while you sit back and enjoy.

Multi-head split air conditioning systems, as the name suggests, are a split Air Conditioning system with two or more indoor units or heads. There is one unit in each room and there is just one outdoor unit connected to the multiple indoor units. Unlike ducted systems, the multi-head split system has a separate controller for each head giving you more flexibility on how you want to have each of the units controlled temperature wise.

When to use a multi-head split system?

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    When there is not enough roof cavity space to install a ducted system

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    When you're considering installing several standard split Air Conditioning units and you want to keep the appearance of your home tidy by taking up less space for the outdoor units

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    When the climate is too humid to install a ducted air conditioning system

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Can you convert a split system to a multi-head split system?

The answer to this popular question is NO. It may look the same as a standard split system but the way it works is completely different. However, if you decide to get a multi-head split system, you can add as many heads as you want as long as the outdoor unit still has the power to cool or heat your spaces.

Why choose a multi-head air conditioning system?

By getting a multi-head air conditioning system, you have the flexibility to choose from a whole range of indoor units like wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, floor standing and bulkhead. It is an economical solution for cooling or heating lots of different rooms. It is easy to install and gives you the ability to control the air and temperature of each indoor unit independantly.

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