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Published On:
April 8, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioners

When it comes to air conditioning installation in Sydney, there are factors to consider, including the ideal installation location, cost, energy efficiency, durability, and frequency of maintenance and servicing needed. You may also have to consider which type of system - like ducted or split system - will best work with your your ceiling space and property size.

If you want to cool two or more rooms in your building, ducted air conditioning is a clear winner. But did you know that a multi-head split system air conditioner could be a great alternative, too?

But is it worth it? How does it work? What about its cost? We know selecting the most suitable air conditioning in Hills District is a big decision. To guide you, we will give you everything you need to know about a multi-head split system air conditioner—definition, components, advantages, and the factors that will affect the price.

What Is a Split System Air Conditioner?  

Split air conditioners are popular due to their power, quiet operation, and cost-effectiveness. They are also efficient alternatives to window, wall, and portable AC units. They are widely preferred by people who seek modern, stylish air conditioners designed with the latest technology.

Split systems also come in various types, including in-ceiling cassette systems, wall-mounted split systems, single-room split systems, and multi-head split systems. The latter type is in demand for being a space-saving and convenient AC option.  

A multi-head split system is somehow similar to a single-room split system. Their main difference is that while single split systems operate through one compressor and one air outlet, a multi-head split system operates through one compressor connected to two or more air outlets.

This is why multi-head split systems are ideal for cooling multiple rooms, whether in an office, townhouse, apartment, villa, or any other residential or commercial space. The building owner has the freedom to independently control each room’s temperature.

How Does a Multi-Head Split System Work?

As stated, a multi-split air conditioner operates via one outdoor compressor connected to several indoor air outlets through refrigerant lines. With this setup, a multi-split system will require you to use different remote controls to control the temperature of separate rooms.  

The indoor air outlets, although they can be separately controlled, are connected to the same outdoor heat pump unit that absorbs or disperses the heat. The heat pumps are valued for their energy efficiency because they use significantly less energy than traditional furnaces and air conditioners when facilitating the heating and cooling process.

Another key feature of a multi-head split system is inverter technology. In older air conditioning equipment, the compressor is activated when the thermostat senses that more warm or cool air is required. Once the thermostat receives the signal that the desired temperature is achieved, the compressor deactivates automatically. Large amounts of energy are consumed during this process, especially when the compressor is constantly turned on and off.

With inverter technology, however, the compressor doesn’t need to constantly turn on and off. The inverter prevents energy wastage by controlling the compressor motor's speed. It will operate at a variable speed, so the system slows down or speeds up whenever required. As a result, a stable, comfortable temperature is continuously generated, helping you save on running costs and power consumption.

Benefits of a Multi-Head Split System

Still undecided about your choice for air conditioning in the Hills District? Here’s a list of the benefits you can get from a multi-head split system:

Customised temperature control

Since a multi-head split system can heat or cool multiple rooms simultaneously through a single outdoor unit, it is ideal for use when your family members have different comfort levels. Most of the time, what's hot for one individual might be just enough for another. In contrast, what might be ridiculously cold for you might be comfy for another family member.  

Space saver

A multi-head split system is the perfect option if you are looking for a space-saving AC unit. Since you only need to install one outdoor unit, it saves ample space outside your property.

Energy efficient

Another significant benefit is that multi-head split systems allow you to turn off unoccupied areas. This means a decrease in power usage and your utility bills, guaranteeing energy efficiency.

Flexible and convenient

Most systems will allow flexibility and convenience. This is because you can choose a suitable indoor unit for each room. You can either opt for high-capacity air conditioning units for larger home areas or small-capacity units for small areas, such as your bedroom. You can also add extra indoor outlets when needed, especially when you decide to renovate your space and build additional rooms.

Quiet operation

When you factor in noise production, multi-head split systems can also compete with other modern air conditioning systems. They operate quietly and efficiently, eliminating the disturbance as you conduct your everyday activities.

How Much Does a Multi-Head Split System Installation Cost?

The total installation cost depends on a number of factors. In general, the total cost will greatly depend on the type of system you’ve purchased. Other factors influencing the cost of a multi-head split system installation include the following:

  • Size of the air conditioning unit
  • Ceiling height
  • How much piping, cabling, ducting, and other materials are required
  • Accessibility of the installation location
  • Charges for work at height (if necessary)

Work with a licensed technician to ensure that you spend according to your allocated budget. This will also relieve you of the hassle of installing the system yourself, which tends to produce amateur mistakes that lead to faulty units.

Is Installing a Multi-Head Split System a Worthwhile Investment?

Now that we've highlighted the essential aspects of a multi-head split system air conditioner, will it be a worthwhile investment for you? The quick answer is yes.  

If you wish to air-condition more than one location in your home or office and achieve independence in controlling the temperature of each space, then a multi-head split system is the obvious choice. This air conditioner will provide superior performance, reliability, energy efficiency, and ultimate comfort.

Quality Multi-Split System Supply and Installation

Whether you live in the Hills District, Parramatta, Wollongong, Sutherland Shire, or other regions in Sydney and need to get top-quality multi-head split system air conditioners, Ozcon Air Solutions is where you can shop for them. We also offer professional and efficient air conditioning solutions to ensure that your air conditioners are running well. These include maintenance, repair, and disposal.

Aside from supplying and installing multi-head split system air conditioners, we will give you the freedom to choose from our wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, floor standing, or bulkhead systems to blend well with your space's theme.

With our extensive experience in the air conditioning industry, we ensure that everything we do meets your expectations. Do you have questions about our multi-head air conditioning system deals? Call us on 1300 341 694.