Inverter Split System Air Conditioner

Our highly qualified team here at Ozcon air solutions are well trained and specialized to advise you on the best solution for your comfort no matter how big or small the job. We are certified to work with all inverter split system air conditioning units and have been doing so across the Sydney metro with many satisfied customers.

Inverter Air Conditioning units are more expensive to initially purchase than conventional fixed speed split Air Conditioning systems but are proven to be very efficient when it comes to power consumption. As the inverter constantly adjusts the speed of the motor and fan, it can reach the required temperature quicker than conventional ones while using less energy. They deliver precise cooling or heating power required in a very short time. Inverter systems are proven to be more economical, quiet, and efficient to operate than normal fixed speed non-inverter split systems. Check out our current split system air conditioning specials for the best brands at the most competitive prices.

Benefits of Inverter Split Systems

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    Engineered to be a very efficient air conditioning unit

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    Very flexible in terms of placement location

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    The internal parts suffer less wear and tear which means longer lifespan and less servicing cost

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    Easier and cheaper to maintain

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    Typically quieter

How do Split System Air Conditioners work?

Split system air conditioning units work by having the condensing unit and the fan coil or air handling unit installed separately, with one part being outside and other inside mounted on the wall.

To create cooling, the fan coil takes the warm air inside the room, passes it to the condensing unit, resulting in cool air recirculating back into the house. While for heating, a reverse cycle allows the heat pump to run in reverse to provide warmth on those cold days.
Wall-mounted split system air conditioning units are the most common residential air conditioning system as they are very economical, requires minimal maintenance and do not require any roofing ductwork to be installed.