Ducted Air Conditioning Installation
Published On:
March 22, 2023

3 Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning You Should Take Advantage Of

Australia is known for its drastic climate, especially during summer, the time of the year when the temperature reaches its peak. While taking a dip in the country's spectacular beaches can remedy the hot weather conditions, it is not something everyone can do on a daily basis. This makes air conditioners essential for homes and workplaces in regulating air temperature to create a comfortable environment.  

Air conditioners come in various forms, each offering different features. And with an array to choose from, finding the ideal AC unit can be challenging. Nevertheless, experts highly recommend a ducted air conditioner for larger, multi-room homes and workplaces. If your facility falls under this category, then a ducted air conditioning installation in Sydney might be the right fit for you.

Find out more about the advantages of ducted air conditioners in this article to learn whether it is ideal for your facility or not. Also, we will include tips before buying an AC unit to help you decide on your purchase. Continue reading through the article below.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Before we go in-depth about the benefits of ducted air conditioners, let's get to know them better first. Also known as central air-con, ducted air conditioning is an air conditioning system that can regulate air temperature in your residential or commercial property by channelling hot or cool air to your entire facility. The system has two units—indoor and outdoor—with the indoor unit usually placed in the space between the ceiling and roof or under the floor, depending on what works best for your property.

Moreover, the outdoor unit creates hot or cold air, while the indoor unit forces it down the hidden system of ducts connected to each room of your facility. Users can control the air temperature in different rooms at the same time. This feature makes it easier to comply with the air conditioning requirements of each area of your facility. Ducted air conditioning is common in residential and commercial properties with multi-level rooms. If you'd like to dive deeper into how ducted AC works, read this blog.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning installation

Availing an air conditioning system is a good investment because it has many benefits and key functions you probably don't know about. That is why it is crucial to weigh your options thoroughly to end up with an AC unit that fits your needs and requirements well. The list below includes the advantages of ducted air conditioning installation in Sydney to help you understand what to expect if ever you choose this AC system to be installed on your property. Let's take a closer look at each item on the list.

1. Excellent heating and cooling functions

The air temperature quickly changes because of some factors. The environment's condition also dictates the heat or coolness of rooms. Because of these, different air temperature is required for various areas of a property. Some AC types cannot regulate air temperature for each room. But with ducted air conditioning, you get to decide the air temperature of every spot in your facility.

A single ducted air conditioning system can send hot or cool air to every room in your home or workplace. The best thing is that you can use one remote to control the temperature of each room. What else can get better than conditioning the air of the largest spaces and multiple rooms on your property? You can do all this with a ducted air conditioner.

2. Low profile appearance

Property owners want the best for their assets because, after all, it is their most valuable investment. Grooming homes and offices increase the value of properties to the next level. Prioritising these properties' visual and overall feel is a sentiment that is not difficult to get on board with. If you always put the appearance of your property first in line, a ducted AC is your best option.  

Ducted air conditioning has been designed to blend into your property and be seamless when installed. The discreet layout does not outlay other decors. What it does best is regulate air temperature, ensuring the aesthetics of your property stand out. The network of ducts is hidden, so they become barely noticeable. Make your home and workplace look their best with ducted air conditioning installation in Sydney.

3. Quiet operation and flexibility

Air conditioning must be felt, not heard. Unlike other AC types, ducted air conditioners operate like they are not there. You can feel comfortable without the noise of cranking gears and wheezing ducts. You can use the remote to control the speed of the fans and turn them down when you need peace at a certain time of the day. This feature also enables control of the individual rooms. When not in use, you can turn zones off or switch them on in times of need.  

Beyond being functional, ducted air conditioning also helps save energy and money. Although the upfront cost of the installation is relatively high, it can be offset in the long run by continuously using the AC unit. Starting today, you will notice the difference in your electric bills when you use ducted air conditioning.

If you'd like to learn more about the top features of ducted AC, check out our blog post.

Tips before purchasing ducted air con

Identifying your AC needs is the best first step before buying a unit. This will help you fully understand your priorities when it comes to the comfort, style, function, and overall performance of an air conditioning unit. When this is sorted out, read about the products on your radar. Learn the functions, how to install them, and, most importantly, consider ducted air conditioning prices in Sydney. It all goes down to your requirements, applications, and budget. Another important consideration to investigate is the best time to install ducted air con. This can be influenced by the seasons (quieter periods in winter are ideal) but it's also crucial to consider the timing during building or renovation projects.

Rely on Ozcon Air Solutions for professional ducted AC installation

Are you looking for a reputable air conditioning solutions provider skilled and experienced in ducted air conditioning installation in Sydney? Ozcon Air Solutions' professional team is what you need. We work with qualified technicians that are well-trained to conduct the proper AC installation process. To request a free quote or enquire about our services, call us on 1300 341 694 or email info@ozconair.com.au. You may also visit our website to learn more about what we can do to help with your air conditioning needs.

How much does ducted air conditioning cost  

Central air conditioning, also known as ducted air conditioning, comes in various sizes and is suitable for all your heating and cooling solutions throughout the colder months of winter and the hot and sweaty days of summer.  

Below is a price guide you can refer to when purchasing a ducted air conditioning system from Ozcon Air Solutions. Check your options, and remember to let us know what you think. Stay up to date on the latest offers with our air con specials.

All prices are inclusive of GST and offer a 10-year labour warranty and five years manufacturing warranty.

  • 7.1kw cooling/ 8.0kw heating reverse cycle system with three to four outlets and two zones, starting at $4,899
  • 10kw cooling/ 12.5kw heating reverse cycle system with four to five outlets and two zones, starting at $6199
  • 12.5kw cooling/ 15.0kw heating reverse cycle system with five to six outlets and two zones, starting at $6999
  • 14kw cooling/ 16.5kw heating reverse cycle system with six to seven outlets and two zones, starting at $7999
  • 16kw cooling/ 18kw heating reverse cycle system with seven to eight outlets and two zones, starting at $8999

These are standard steps of maintenance and examination of the units. Take note that prices do not include any additional repairs or labour. For more information about our rates, please don't hesitate to reach us on 1300 341 694 or email info@ozconair.com.au.