Ducted Air Conditioning
Published On:
May 28, 2024

When is the best time to install ducted air conditioning?

Living through summer in Sydney means dealing with some pretty high temperatures, making it essential to find ways to stay cool.

Among the various cooling and heating options, ducted air conditioning stands out as a top choice for keeping homes and workplaces comfortable.

But you might be wondering: when’s the best time to get ducted air conditioning installed? Let's dive into this and look at the factors that determine the ideal timing for installation.

Thinking about ducted AC installation? 

As a leading provider of ducted air conditioning in Sydney, Ozcon Air understands the nuances of climate control. From sweltering summers to chilly winters, the demand for efficient cooling and heating remains constant throughout the year.

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The best time to install ducted AC: what factors do you need to consider?

There are two major factors we’ll outline below:

  1. The actual time of the year (in short: beat the summer rush and start planning in spring or even winter!)
  2. If you’re building - your aircon team is an integral part of your new build. Engage us early to ensure we can plan accordingly!

1. Seasonal considerations: what time of the year is best?

The timing of your ducted air conditioning installation can significantly impact the process and outcomes.

So, opting for installation during the off-peak seasons like spring or autumn, offers several advantages. 

During these times, demand for HVAC services tends to be lower, resulting in shorter wait times for installation appointments.

Get ahead of the summertime demand with smarter planning. Avoid peak demand and potential delays that often accompany the sweltering heat of summer.

Be prepared for the change in seasons with superior heating and cooling solutions. Take advantage of our current air conditioning specials and book your installation online today!

2. Building a new home? Timing matters!

Are you starting a new build or planning to undergo major renovations?

Integrating ducted air conditioning during the building process presents an ideal opportunity.

Incorporating ductwork into the initial design phase allows for seamless integration with other important building components like framing, plumbing and electrical work. 

This proactive approach can minimise disruptions or additional costs associated with retrofitting ducted air conditioning into existing structures. 

Understand how ducted air conditioning works and introduce us early to your architects and building contractors.

Our experts will ensure your ducted air conditioning system is seamlessly integrated into your home's design!

install ducted ac during construction

What are the benefits of ducted air conditioning?

Uniform temperature distribution

Ducted air conditioning systems deliver consistent heating and cooling throughout the entire space, eliminating hot and cold spots.

Energy efficiency

By efficiently distributing conditioned air, ducted systems can help reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Quiet operation

Ducted systems operate quietly, providing comfort without disruptive noise levels.

Enhanced aesthetics

With discreet ductwork hidden behind walls or ceilings, ducted systems offer a sleek and unobtrusive solution for climate control.

Zone control

Some ducted systems offer advanced zoning capabilities to enhance comfort and energy efficiency. Standard zoning lets you turn certain rooms 'on' or 'off', ensuring you only heat or cool the spaces in use, which helps conserve energy.

Smart zoning goes a step further, allowing individual room temperature control when operating in the same mode (e.g. cooling only). This means personalised comfort and optimised energy use for each space!

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Quick guide to installation


The installation process begins with a consultation with one of Ozcon’s HVAC professionals. Here, we’ll assess your needs and budget, as well as your home’s size, layout, and orientation. 


Once requirements are determined, our HVAC team designs a customised ducted system. This system takes into account everything we assess during the consultation.

Ductwork installation

Our skilled technicians install ductwork throughout your home or business, carefully routing it behind walls, ceilings, or under floors to ensure optimal airflow.

Unit installation

The main air conditioning unit is installed in a discreet location. This is typically on the roof or other outdoor space, to minimise visual impact.


After installation, the system undergoes thorough testing and commissioning. We ensure it is operating efficiently and meeting performance standards.


Once testing is complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive handover and training from our friendly experts.

Here, you will familiarise yourself with the system’s operation and maintenance requirements. This will also include a run-through of the top features of your ducted system.

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