Air Conditioner Servicing & Maintenance

Ozcon Air technicians can help you ensure that your air conditioning unit is running at optimal capacity. We can help you spot and address small problems that could potentially grow to larger and more costly issues in the future. Make sure your AC unit still performs efficiently, book scheduled maintenance at Ozcon Air today.

What's included in a scheduled maintenance service?

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    Change or clean air filter

    Having your filter cleaned is very important to your AC to ensure the AC is working at it's best. Having a blocked filter can cause major problems to your unit.

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    Check/tighten Electrical connections

    We will check if we have the correct voltage running through to the unit and make sure there are no hazards in regards to the electrical.

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    Lubricate moving parts

    This is to ensure that no damage is accruing to moving parts. The lack of lubrication causes a system to break down more quickly.

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    Drain check and flush

    We will inspect the drain and give it a drain flush to make sure the drain is working properly, draining to its drainage point and disposing of the water correctly. Having a blocked drain can cause flooding back at your AC.

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    Coil cleaning

    We will apply coil cleaner on your coil to clean any dust or dirt which may have gotten past your filter and become stuck on your coil.

Top Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioner operates well with routine treatment and cleaning as with any other large appliance. Not giving it the necessary maintenance ensures a steady decrease in its performance and energy efficiency over time. It is best to have it checked and have scheduled maintenance performed annually or semi-annually.

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