Air Conditioner Basics & Considerations

The first step in installing a new air conditioner is to determine the correct size you require. You don't want one that isn't powerful enough to effectively cool your house, so it pays dividends to select the right sized system from the get go. Our experts will assess your requirements and recommend the ideal system for your specific application.

Things to consider when choosing the right system for you

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    How large is the space you need to heat or cool?

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    How much are you willing to pay for energy costs?

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    The humidity in your area. Ducted air conditioning systems might not be as good in high humidity areas as split systems

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    What is your overall budget to spend on supply & installation of the system?

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    Is minimising the change to your interior look more important to you?

A ducted air conditioning system installed in a roof
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Top Quality Residential Air Conditioning

Ozcon Air technicians have the experience, product knowledge and commitment to design a system to perfectly match your expectations for efficiency, performance and budget. Our team can get the most out of your energy dollar through professional and careful installation, allowing you to maintain cool or warm indoor temperatures without having to bear the effects of high power bills. Not only are we proud to complete your project quickly, smoothly and perfectly, we're also available for seasonal maintenance to keep your system running at it's peak performance and efficiency.

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