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Published On:
October 19, 2023

Air Conditioning in Northern Beaches: Which Unit Is the Best?

Do you need air conditioning in Northern Beaches and are confused about the right system to buy? We understand that selecting one for your home or office can be tricky since thousands of available brands and models are on the market today.

Before purchasing an air conditioning system, make sure you understand some vital aspects, including the potential cost, style, features, and system capacity. Read this blog post to learn why you need an air conditioner. We will also compare split and ducted air conditioners, so you'll know which AC unit is suitable for your residential or commercial building.

Top choices for your home or office cooling systems

Narrow down your AC unit choices by learning more about split and ducted systems:

Split system

The split system is one of the most popular air conditioners installed in thousands of homes across Sydney. It's not too bulky, so it will easily complement your space's interior needs. It is also reliable and could last for more than a decade (especially when well taken care of).  

There are two "split" units in this system: an indoor wall, floor, or bulkhead mounted system that blows air indoors, and an outdoor unit that releases heat collected from the indoor system.

They also come in three types: reverse cycle split system, inverter split system, and multi-head/ multi-split system. Read through the following to get a detailed comparison:

  • Reverse cycle. Known for its excellent cooling and heating efficiency, this absorbs heat from the outdoor environment and evenly distributes it indoors. As a result, it can achieve energy efficiency during the extreme winter season. During the summer, it will keep your space comfortable by doing the reverse process: absorbing the heat indoors and transferring it outside.
  • Inverter. Inverter split systems use "inverter" technology to control the speed of the compressor motor by keeping it turned on continuously. With this kind of system, you can distribute heating or cooling evenly throughout the process. As a result, less power is used because switching on and off the compressor is not necessary, unlike non-inverter units.
  • Multi-split. Another cost-effective option is a multi-head split air conditioner, which is commonly seen in modern homes. With this type, you can have multiple indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit. A system like this is ideal for cooling multiple rooms simultaneously.

Cost of split systems

Many factors influence the split system installation fee, including the size of the unit and the electrical circuit needed. Some installers provide services with different pricing procedures, typically based on an hourly rate.

Other companies offer packages that come with back-to-back installation and great warranty deals.  

Important Thing to Note: Split systems will also require annual servicing and changing filters every few months to keep them running properly.

Benefits of split systems

Among the key benefits of split systems is that experts can perform the installation quickly because of the absence of ductwork. It will also run quietly, so you will not worry about any unnecessary noise.

Split systems are also ideal if you intend to air-condition individual rooms in your space while using less power but working more efficiently. Lastly, split systems will be the right choice for you if you want a space-saving air conditioner.

Ducted system

Ducted air conditioning is also an efficient air conditioning option for your home or office. It has an outdoor compressor, an internal evaporative unit, and ducts located inside that distribute the conditioned air to various rooms through vents.  

A ducted air conditioner can cool your space, ideally a large one, using only one system.

Its discreet air-conditioning comfort is what makes it so popular. You can install ductwork on your ceiling or the floor, saving you a lot of wall space. This is also suitable for homeowners who occasionally conduct an interior design upgrade.

Cost of ducted systems

The total cost of installing this AC unit will depend on the property type and size. Some air conditioning installers will provide an installation fee, minus the price of the air conditioning unit itself—which, again, will be dependent on the model and brand you'll buy. Others will supply and provide back-to-back installation.

You can determine the installation cost after the technician conducts a site inspection to assess the roof space, size of the installation location, and how many ducted systems you’ll be needing.

Benefits of ducted systems

With a ducted air conditioning system, you will have complete control over the desired temperature inside your premises. Due to a single system, you can save on electricity costs, especially when you compare it with having several ductless systems.  

Generally, ducted systems are the quietest of all air conditioning systems. You will barely notice it's there as you go about your daily routine.  

Another benefit is installing zoned air conditioning, which allows you full control over which rooms you want to air-condition. For example, you can lower the temperature in your bedroom at night and turn off those areas not in use to achieve less energy expense.

What’s the best AC unit for me?

You need to consider the type of property, the climate in your area, the size of the installation location, and other essential factors when selecting an air conditioning system. Most importantly, it must not exceed your allocated budget. To ensure you meet your requirements, hire a reputable service provider for air conditioner installation in Sydney.  

What system should you buy? Split and ducted air conditioning units are both efficient choices for residential and commercial applications. Ducted air conditioners are ideal if you want to instantly cool a large space. On the other hand, split systems are in demand among building owners who aim to distribute artificial air to separate rooms.  

If you need a cooling appliance to instantly ventilate your entire home, especially when you have pre-installed ductwork, a deducted AC is the one you should buy. It also offers exceptional versatility with its zoning system and low-profile looks that blend well with your home décor.

Split systems are ideal if you are looking for air conditioners that do not require significant building modifications and fittings. They are easy and quick to operate with remarkable quietness. So, if you own a facility that demands as little noise as possible, a split system is your air conditioning solution.

Where to buy quality air conditioners

If you are confused about what unit to buy for air conditioning in Northern Beaches, consult our air conditioning contractor here at Ozcon Air Solutions. We will help you determine the unit appropriate for your building.  

You can also navigate our air conditioning specials page if you are interested in knowing more about our split air conditioners and ducted air conditioners. Each model contains prices and component details with great warranty offers.

For additional questions, including ways on how to clean air conditioner filters, feel free to call us on 1300 341 694.